Intro to Andrew


I, Andrew Clark, am someone that has big dreams and is able to realize that these dreams do not come to fruition on their own. Growing up in a small blue-collar community in Kentucky has helped me earn an understanding of the value attained from hard work. I am a world traveler, and an adamant believer in the benefits that public service can provide. I have been working since the age of fifteen to help pay for my travels across the globe. The experiences gained from these travels have helped me realize the dream of one day working for the State Department. With the current company I work for, I have been able to use my strengths of being an excellent coordinator to help bring structure and clarity into programs that have greatly increased their value. Persuasion, thriving under pressure, and determination are a few strengths that define me. A lover of rowing, I still wake up every Saturday and Sunday at 5:00 AM to row with the team on top of being a full time student and professional.